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Finding your g-spot in life

Have you ever felt useless??? Have you ever tried to put yourself together after a massive failure ; and found it difficult?? Have you ever……tried to…..give your time a purpose and your life; a direction and not sure where to begin?

If yes, then here is a book just for you by Geetika Saigal and the name of the book is “Finding your g-spot in life”. It is a self help book ; that can change your outlook towards your life.

Now, do you believe in miracles??

The author’s lines are : You, Yes, YOU are a miracle!!!!

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, there are many self help books in the market. Then why this one?? Well the language of the book is very simple , and it consists of some ‘Doitforyourself‘ exercise which you can do for your own betterment.

pages : 190

price : Rs 199 only


The death of Mrs. Westaway is a suspense-thriller with Harriet Westaway (Hal) as the protagonist. She is 21-year old and earns a living by tarot reading,but she herself does not believe in cards deciding someone’s luck. With a loan shark and his cronies beating on her door and physically threatening her , Hal is struggling in her small flat with few resources and memories of her mother,who died 3 years ago in a car accident.

But one day, that begins like any other, Hal receives a mysterious letter bequeathing her a substancial inheritance. This proves to be the only hope of her ever getting over her loan and towards a better life. Soon she realizes that the letter was sent to the wrong person and all her hopes seem to fade away when she takes the decision to pretend to be the heir anyway.

Will she be able to get the inheritence, or get exposed and and trapped in a bigger mystery????

The book is highly recommended and is worth giving time for.Happy reading!!!😄



My choice of books

Hi! It has been a while since my last blog about book reviews. I was a bit busy due to my university exams. Here I would like to give some suggestions and remarks about the books that I have read recently. Firstly , although I prefer classics as compared to contemporary, there are many books that are romantic,funny, tragic and adventurous at the same time. Some of them are already there in my review blogs and some are waiting to be published. I can assure you they are really nice , and practical although they are not quite popular. Secondly, I like the descriptions of the characters as brief as possible, without missing out the important details.

On the other hand there are books which are overrated or use too much cheesy lines for the characters to attract young readers but experianced minds won’t find it much appealing. Some of them also lack a proper storyline.

Recently , however I came across a few books which were popular as well as a good read for people of any age and any part of the world. Such books are really appreciable for anyone.

So, dear readers if you find any book which you would like to suggest as a good one,please share it with me and others. Also, if you think otherwise about contemporary books,please share your precious views with us.

Thank you.Have a nice day😄

Take my heart Forever

It is true that love has immense power.Sometimes it builds up your life and at other times it destroy. The story Take my heart Forever by Arpit Agrawal is the perfect example of how love can change you for better and help you grow out of your shells to be a better human for the betterment of humanity.

The story revolves around the three protagonists Dr. Rahul who is also the narrator,Dr. Suchi and the lawyer Siddhartha. Dr Rahul and Dr Suchi are collegues and they share something more than friendship but the twist in tale comes when they meet one of the most influencial lawyer of the country,Siddhartha Roy. Dr. Rahul, who takes life very casually,enjoying his youth, changes for the love of his life. Dr Suchi who is very kind hearted and can do anything for her patients, falls victim to a bomb blast and Siddhartha, for whom money is greater than honesty or humanity changes his principle and makes the biggest sacrifice for his love.

This story not only teaches about the power of love but also the fact that our actions are the ones who write our destiny. You can surely gift this young adult novel to any book lover or even someone who is not so much into reading.

Hope you like reading my review, have a nice day🙂

The Lost Symbol

This one is yet another thriller mystry by Dan Brown. If I just say that it is a mind blowing thriller, maybe that will be a bit unfair because,there is more to it! Ancient mystry and modern science pairs up to dig out some secrets that have been preserved for ages by a secret brotherhood. 

This is also a Robert Langdon mystry , the same protagonist as in Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code. Join him as he and a scientist, Katherine Solomon, brings out the ultimate truth of life, catch a murderer and save a life. As I was not ready for the twist in the story at the end, I really got goosebumps at the climax. If you want something to say good bye to your boring time as well as learn some interesting facts, I would suggest you this book. Enjoy your read!!

Once upon a novel

Now here I come with another mind-blowing thriller review “Once Upon A Novel” by Mary Kelly Reed. A murder mystery comes up before the protagonist Ally Rhodes when she mentions in her blog that the book written by a popular writer Peter Davis contains incorrect historical facts. When Peter’s assistant Sandra comes to know about the blog,she is freaked out and wants to confront Ally but before that she is dead. The prime suspect Peter pleads for Ally’s help. What shall Ally do now?

A cozy yet tight mystery that won’t let you rest till you finish the book. A perfect combination of suspense,romance,friendship and comedy. It is suitable for teenagers as well as middle aged. If you are seeking for a clean light thriller that won’t let you get bored even for a single moment then this is definitely your book. Enjoy your read!!

Little Women



Publisher-Simon & Schuster

The book “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott mainly describes the life of four sisters, Meg(Margaret),Jo,Amy and Beth(Elizabeth) who live with their mother Mrs March, while their father is away. The novel beautifully describes the feelings of love and responsibility of the girls towards their parents, siblings ,neighbours, friends and even their lovers. As they grow up from inexperianced teenagers to adults, they learn about the harsh reality when their dreams are shattered and they are left heart-broken.To make things worse, they discoverd that two of the sisters fell in love with the same person.

Yet, some of them successfully overcomes the challenge of tough times and rises from their poverty while one of the sisters pass away due to illness. In the end, however, the family reunites.

The perfect blend of love and duty towards the relations with a pinch of teenage romance, the book really made me cry at some points, and smile at others. I would recommend this book to every woman. For the young ladies,because the book teaches a lot about the practical side of life. For the older ones, because you can relate to their story at some point in life.

The book can also be a wonderful gift to anyone who loves reading novels and/or classics.