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Book Review: I found you

This book consists of 240 pages. There are a total of 224 poems in this book and no illustrations. The poems are categorized under the themes of love, betrayal, hope, long distance relationships, missing and family. The poems do not have a title. Some of the poems are just three to four lines while the rest are around eight to ten lines. That is why they seemed more like micro tales and nano tales than poems. I recommend this to readers who like abstract writings and poetry.

My favourite poem is the fourth poem under the theme of Hope. It talks about heart break and healing.

Do you like to read poetry? Let me know in the comments below.

Review: What you wish for by Katherine Center

🌷When I picked up this book, it was mainly because of the cover. I am not quite familiar with Katherine Center’s work and this is my first read from the author. I didn’t really go through the blurb, and I am glad because it is not really interesting and I may not have picked up the book. I checked the ratings on Instagram and Amazon and it was mostly 4 stars so I picked it up. 

🌷The first part is rather simple introduction of Sam, who is a school librarian and a patient of epilepsy.A depressing past and loss of family were soon replaced by Max and Babette, who were the landlord of Sam’s recent abode.

🌷Life was smooth until one day, Max suffered from a cardiac arrest and departed, leaving behind a devastated Babette and their school. After the death of the founder, his son in law, Kent Buckley brought a new principal for the school, Duncan. Duncan, is no other than the everlasting crush of Sam whom she left behind for good. After his return, will Sam be able to control herself? 

🌷This book is a beautiful work of contemporary romance and self nourishing art. It consists  of 248 pages, can be finished in a week. Every character is described with utmost detailing and plays a unique role, contributing richly to the main plot. Never once in the story did I get bored. The messages given in the book are beautiful and valuable. The character of Duncan instills hope in the heart of the readers. Recommended to everyone who want a feel good or a hopeful read. 

🌷RATING: 4.5⭐/5⭐

Book Review: It Ends With Us by Collen Hoover

🌷 RATING: 5⭐/5⭐

🌷 Very rarely do we come across such a book, that we know will remain within us for the rest of our life. This is one such book. So I would urge each and every one to read this book and read it completely. This book very clearly points out what we should do when our loved ones hurt us.

🌷The main theme of the book is domestic violence and its consequences. Lily Blooms had a tough childhood growing up in an environment of domestic violence and witnessing an abusive marriage. As a young lady, she always blamed her mother for not walking away from her abusive husband. However, after ten years when things take an unforeseen turn, Lily finds herself in a position where she needs to make a tough decision. This book is based on a true story  and I would recommend this book to everyone. Judging from the beautiful cover, I assumed that the book will be a Romantic Comedy or a chick lit but it is totally different. I am thankful to the author for writing this book. It is not just a book, it is a Life Lesson.

🌷I would again request the readers to read it Completely, without skipping any of it, although you may not like all of it. It will leave you satisfied in the end. 

Rage of The Immortals by Kanika

Rage of the Immortals by Kanika Singhal

Lieutenant Kara Sefina of New Nyssa was employed by Cifer under a weird contract. Kara was taken far away from her home, family and fiancee Moss, not that she cared much about him. Kara soon realized that her boss was anything but human. But it was too late, because the contract bound her for eternity and Kara soon realized that she has developed feelings for her extraordinarily handsome boss. Will she be able to survive in this alien world with these creatures? 

The book contains around 360 pages. What started as simple young adult fantasy, soon turned into dystopian science fiction with magical creatures including serpents and werewolves and formless Emotions. Mental communication, teleportation and self healing are some of the commonly used magicks in this book. As the story proceeds, the plot gets darker and deeper with a lot of characters.The theme of LGBTQ is also included in the book. Very gripping and there are no noticeable typos in the book. Hence the interest of reading grows more and mor with each page.

Recommended to adult fantasy readers. Contains some descriptions of mental, physical and emotional torture and abuse. So strictly for readers above eighteen years. 

Book Review: A lonely world and other poems


This book is a collection of approximately fifty poems. As the title of the book suggests, they express a sense of solitude and loneliness. Some of the poems have abstract titles, like staircase, letters and the galaxy, but the main theme remains constant.


My Review:

This book is a very short read of around fifty pages. It can be completed within thirty minutes, as each poem varies from minimum four lines to maximum of twelve lines. 

As mentioned above the poems are an expression of pain. The language is simple English and the writing style is easy to understand. There are no noticeable grammatical or typing errors. 

My favorite poem, is the last poem of the book, titled, the last page. Here, the poet requests not to include him in the first page or the middle pages of the book, but to definitely do so on the last page of the book.

Another one, that really is close to my heart, is the galaxy, where the poet describes the thoughts of an introvert to be as limitless as the Galaxy, but very negligible amount of that is expressed. A recommendation for all poem lovers.

Rating: 4.8⛦/5⛦

Book Review: How I fulfill my broken dreams

” Never lose your hope as hope will never let you lose”..


The book starts with the introduction of characters followed by an interview of Aishish, who is a celebrity. The reporter asks him about his difficult  teenage and his journey to become successful.He starts narrating and the story begins. .

My Review:

This book reminds us the most important lesson of our life that we all have learnt as a child, but in the process of growing up and trying to be the best, forgot the lesson. The lesson, is nothing but the power of hope. Hope, gives us the strength to bear with the toughest time and assures that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. This book talks about how Aishish beats his loss and the resulting depression and emerges as a successful author, actor and engineer, which was his childhood dream. The language is very simple and the writing style is quite lucid, but there are some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If that is improved, the book will be even better. Recommended to children especially from seven to fourteen years old. Also, there is a touch of scifi in the end, which is imaginary but not impossible to implement. 

Book Review: Erika, A thriller by Mansi Narula Kashyap

BLURB: After her parents died in a tragic car crash, Erika moves to London from Dublin to get rid of the bad memories, her frantic nightmares, anddisturbing hallucinations. In time, her life settles into a new routine with Lara, with whom she shares an apartment. They become the best of friends, enjoying London and meeting new people. Life is good.

A few months later, Erika meets Ethan who is suave, professional anddependable. A whirlwind romance follows and within a week they aremarried. Soon, Erika starts noticing some unusual incidents; themysterious girl Maya, some cryptic books about secret societies and evena murder.

My Review: The cover of the book states that it is a thriller but I had no idea this will turn out to be a psychological thriller with a paranormal twist in the end. The three main characters in this book are Erika, Ethan and Lara. All of them contributed equally to the plot, making it the masterpiece that it is. A fast paced thriller, enjoyed every single page, recommended to everyone. Only thing is, I wish to know more of the story, and not really satisfied with the ending, which is a cliffhanger.

RATING: 4⭐/5⭐

Book Review: Lost in Translation by Himanshu Goel

💘”I hope there isn’t a time when we give more importance to words and forget about the meaning they carry.They are words in the end, hollow until we utter them and give them life.”

💘BLURB:Lost In Translation is an experimental poetry chapbook containing words in the poet’s native language that he founnd to be beautiful and worth writing about.

💘My Review:The poems are about a lot of things, both abstract things and abstract feelings. Some are living, like the Musafir (traveler) and some are non living like The Moon. The poems are of 5 to 8 lines maximum. The poems have  an emotional touch but I was expecting better than this from Himanshu Goel. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed, after reading so many flash fiction stories by him but if poetry is your genre, you can try it. 

RATING: 3.5⭐/5⭐

Book Tour and Review: Summer of Second Chances by Andrea Hurst

Thank you @andreahurst_author and @katerockbooktours for including me in this tour.


🏖QOTD: Your last vacation destination.

Aotd: Mumbai, and I’m missing Juhu beach so much.

🏖BLURB:Shelby, is forced to spend her vacation with her grandmother Alice, after her mother plans a trip to Florida with her new boyfriend. To be honest, she is more than happy to be with her sweet grandmother, than her mother Dana, who is too self centered to care about Shelby.

However, with the help of Alice and Theo, Shelby sets up a dog walking business in the town and loses her heart to the handsome lifeguard, Logan. But how long is the happy days gonna last?

🏖My Review:This book is the best example, that the friendship between man and dog is the best. The story is all about dogs, family, friends and love. The language is simple and writing style is lucid. Loved the cover. Definitely recommended to everyone who loves cozy romantic novels. This one just won my heart💗.

Rating: 5⛦/5⛦

Book Review : She still loved me

Author: Sunil Kumar


Vinod, the son of an ordinary farmer from Uttar Pradesh, goes on to become a successful IAS officer. This story is about his journey of the same, during which he meets so many different kinds of people. He gets attracted to Kiran, Neha and ultimately, Sikha. Among them Sikha, finally teaches him, the meaning of the word “love”.

🌷My Review: 

After a while, I have read a book that actually has a good story in it and covers a lot of topics, from the teachers who put extreme punishment to the labors who walked for days without food during the lockdown, amidst the Corona virus outbreak.The pain and agony of the common illiterate people as well as civil servants and medical staff are also put forward. Lastly, there is a heartbreaking end to the story. However, the writing style has a scope of improvement. 

Rating: 3.9⛦/5⛦