Book Review: How I fulfill my broken dreams

” Never lose your hope as hope will never let you lose”..


The book starts with the introduction of characters followed by an interview of Aishish, who is a celebrity. The reporter asks him about his difficult  teenage and his journey to become successful.He starts narrating and the story begins. .

My Review:

This book reminds us the most important lesson of our life that we all have learnt as a child, but in the process of growing up and trying to be the best, forgot the lesson. The lesson, is nothing but the power of hope. Hope, gives us the strength to bear with the toughest time and assures that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. This book talks about how Aishish beats his loss and the resulting depression and emerges as a successful author, actor and engineer, which was his childhood dream. The language is very simple and the writing style is quite lucid, but there are some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If that is improved, the book will be even better. Recommended to children especially from seven to fourteen years old. Also, there is a touch of scifi in the end, which is imaginary but not impossible to implement. 

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